Here at CallOver we recently marked our 1st birthday so we thought you might like to see a little of our history.

The timeline of how we came to be:


March 2011

– Birth of the CallOver


 • Having watched family undertake the daunting but ultimately rewarding task of completing the knowledge, we came to realise how little support people on the knowledge had while they were learning. The idea for a magazine that helped people on their knowledge journey was born!


February 2012

– Our first mag is released!


 • It seems like so long ago now but it wasn’t much different to our more recent issues. We tested you with the first ‘Where it’s at’ feature, gave you the diary of a knowledge boy and started getting the CallOver hi vis vests onto the roads of London.


February 2012

– Live runs


 • We got on the Twitter band wagon and started tweeting live runs made by our Editor Frank, just to keep you guys on your toes


March 2012

– Moggy starts mentioning and

others start contributing


 • From the second issue Moggy, Chris Akrill and others have been contributing insightful features for our readers and we’re pleased to say they haven’t missed an issue since!


November 2012

– Point sheets


 • CallOver points sheets come to town, and they cause a stir! We’ve brought them to the table at only £8 a month but our aim is to get that price even lower the more people we get on board.


January 2013

– The 6 mile radius road map of London


 • We’ve secured exclusive rights to London road mapping that we are giving away to our readers piece by piece in each issue for free! Hopefully this will be another helping hand on your journey to taxi enlightenment


February 2013

– it’s our first birthday!!


March 2013

– The knowledge atlas


 • Ever had trouble unfolding and folding those huge road maps while out on your runs? The CallOver team created a handy A4 size map with each page of the 6 mile radius individually laminated and bound with a split ring so that you only have to take the pages you need.


September 2013

– The Inner city atlas


• The knowledge atlas’ younger cooler brother arrived, the inner city map. We zoomed into the real nitty gritty of the built up parts of central London, so you can give your magnifying glass a break.


January 2015

– CallOver Kowledge Bike Insurance


• We have been working hard to try and help you knowledge students save money whilst studying. Our new insurance will cost less and help more.


February 2016

– CallOver Cabs Launched


• The launch of CallOver Cabs was a natural transition to help get newly passed out drivers on the road.